Monday, 4 April 2016

International Cultural Night “ICN” UTP 2016 By Kalaivarma M. (ME)

Chancellor Hall, 1st April- International Cultural Night “ICN” UTP 2016 is one of the most prestigious and popular event in UTP. It was held to showcase the great talent of the students as well as the cultural diversity in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. This magnificent event of the year was inaugurated by few special guests. Those are the Deputy Vice Chancellor of UTP Tn. Hj. Mohd Noor Rosli Baharom, Director General of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Minister of Plenipotentiary of Sudan Mr. Muawia Eltoum Elamin Elbukhari and two other delegates from Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. 

Performances from students who came various countries brought a glimpse of their culture to all of us. Traditional dances from the country Mozambique, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Sudan and many more were displayed. The performers wowed the audiences with colourful dances which depicts their origin. There was also a room for heart touching songs and intriguing instrumental music. Well established and energetic performers from UTP’s famous teams like Interbeatz, The Stage Breakerz and bhangra group Gajjdi Jawani never failed to entertain and satisfy the audiences with their best of the best moves. 


Moreover, they fulfilled the expectations of their die-hard fans who kept the hopes high and owned the stage during the event. Malaysia’s one of the best magicians, Andrew Lee also rocked the stage with his impressive magic tricks which took the International Cultural Night to the pinnacle. 


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